Plan your trip to Stingray City – Grand Cayman Boat Charters

Ray Dayz is a small locally owned and operated boat charter company, which creates personalized trips that give guests the chance to plan their day with family or friends.

Sunset cruising, fishing, playing with the rays at Sting Ray City, chilling at Starfish Point or any combination of these are all offered by the captain when you plan your journey. Ray Dayz will give your
family and friends a truly memorable boating excursion, with safety and customer service in always in mind.

Boat tours can be personalized and tailored. Some packages include:

1 – A beautiful 2-hour sunset cruise. Personalize your trip with the captain to curate the perfect evening journey. Options include:

  • Set off at 6:30pm to watch the sunset as you head up to starfish point or Kaibo for a drink. Cayman is famous for the most beautiful sunsets in the world!
  • Wait for total pitch black and set off to Bio Bay to watch the spectacular underwater light display released from the bio-plankton. This trip is a completely unique experience that is sure to delight.

2 – The half half-day private boat charter. Personalize your trip by mix-and-matching a variety of popular stops:

  • Stingray City
  • Starfish Point
  • Snorkeling at Coral Gardens
  • Kaibo beachfront restaurant for lunch & the famous mudslide.
  • Fishing tours

3 – If you want an entire day on the water, book out the boat for a 7-hour boat tour. With so many amazing things to see, this is the ideal experience for groups looking to have some fun in the sun without time limitations.

Private boat trips on island can be very pricey. Ray Dayz prides itself on offering visitors a personalized experience at reasonable prices to make boating in the Cayman Islands accessible to visitors

  • 2-hour private boat tour for $400 USD
  • 4-hour private boat tour for $700 USD
  • 7-hour private boat tour for $1,150 USD*Prices are in USD, no need to do complicated currency conversions. We keep it simple!

To make a booking call or email: