Stingray City

Stingray City Tour – Grand Cayman

One of the most popular destinations to visit for vacation goers is Sting Ray City. This is an amazing sandbar where the Sting Rays swim right up to you.

A trip to Stingray City is a unique experience that is fun for adults and children. The rays gliding in their natural habitat is always a thrill to visit. Grab a snorkel and pop your head under the water for a closer look at the rays. If you are feeling especially adventurous you can even feed the rays squid, their favorite snack!

For 7 years good luck, give ray a big kiss! This is a local good luck charm for anyone ready to pucker up to a stingray.

To get to stingray city you must travel by boat. The sand bar is in the middle of the ocean, far from shore. To book a boat tour click here